• E/Lib SIP (Smart Intelligent Panel)

The E/Lib Smart Intelligent Panel or E/Lib SIP is the only tool which allows you to have the functions of seven devices into a single platform :-
1) Computer
2) Projector
3) Whiteboard
4) Screen
5) TV
6) Stereo
7) Wifi


  • Problem Tracker & Asset Navigator

Problem Tracker is essentially a Customer Response System and Workflow. Since Problem Tracker is very flexible, it can be used not only for IT, but also for many different services, such as Customer Care (to handle issues and complaints), Product Center, IT Help Desk, etc. It’s main function enabling the user to reach out to the administrator to complaint about a service, product or both, in a very systematic manner. This will also enable the administrator to view issues by date, region, issues, user etc.

Asset Navigator enhances the IT Administrator ability to perform continuous online IT inventory checking. We understand IT Administrators have a challenging time to collect data on all networked appliances within the organization. The organization could be geographically dispersed thus creating a more challenging situation. Using our solution, the Administrator can run the program from a server in HQ and over a short period of time, our application will collect data from the remote reaches of the LAN within the organization. If there are any discrepancies (e.g. missing of RAM or switched VGA cards etc) in the network, an alert will be raised to the administrator to prompt for any action. System administrator can also keep track of all software residing on the PC and monitoring the use of original software only.


  • Thought Web

ThoughtWeb is a software platform for building big data solutions that enable enterprise collaboration, intelligence and analytics.ThoughtWeb’s Enterprise Analytics Studio ™ (EAS) helps organisations integrate external data sources (like RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc) with internal sources to enable powerful business solutions.


  • Application Development

Many software is off-the-shelf however organizations are not. Many organizations require customized applications. Our development projects involve developing specific modules or total application to fit into organizational requirements.


  • Unified Messaging System

This technology combines fax, phone, email and SMS into a single web interface. For a user, the computer has become the central communication station. For mobile employees, they can listen to their emails being read to them, view faxes received via email and download their e-mails and faxes from a fax machine. This solution can be deployed for Call centers as well. Truly mobile, truly global.

  • SMS Solutions

Using in-house developed application grown technologies we are able to deliver a niche SMS based solution, for example messaging, Call Center, Field services reporting, event notification, CRM, help desk and integration kits for mission-critical application. Using in-house developed application, we are able to customize application to suit customer Requirements and needs.