The E/Lib Smart Intelligent Panel or E/Lib SIP is the only tool which allows you to have seven functionalities into a single platform :-
1) Computer
2) Projector
3) Whiteboard
4) Screen
5) TV
6) Stereo
7) Wifi

Often lot of people will mistake us for the smart board which is totally in different category of product and key distinction are as below :-

  • Integration of PC, projector, screen, monitor and stereo;
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • HD display(1920*1080p);No screen glare
  • No touch blind spot, whole-process interaction , active teaching
  • Built-in mass resource band for teaching , easier to prepare lessons

Its software’s ability to write on the LCD screen with any opaque object with options to select pen type, color, background color, stroke and etc.

Eraser options for spot, circle and page erasing and can say good bye to the pain of cleaning the black board or white board

Support writing content and recording and play back for lecturer evaluation and developing course content on digital platform

Multipage operations on one screen waving document in diverse format

While most of the other video conferencing software only allows video and audio transmission SIP allows even handwriting transmission across up to 1500 locations or students on presentation mode e-lecture. Students could easily follow via iphone, ipad, android devices, notebooks and etc without leaving their desktops and homes which promoted flexible teaching or taking of lectures.

How To Lower Your Cost Of Ownership ?

As far as pricing is concern SIP is fully accredited by PSMB and could help you lower your cost of accusation and below are all the various schemes that are available within PSMB for your organization to be reimbursed.

This scheme enables employers to obtain financial assistance at the rate of 100% to purchase basic training equipment and setting up of training rooms. The maximum amount that can be considered is not more than 20% of previous year’s total levy payments. Prior approvals of PSMB must be obtained under this scheme. This scheme encourages employers to conduct more in-house training programmes, apart from enhancing the training culture amongst them.Training aids approved under the scheme are as follows: -

(a) Television set;

(b) VCR (Video Cassette Recorder);

(c) VCD (Video Compact Disc) Player or DVD (Digital Video Disc) Player;

(d) Overhead Projector;

(e) LCD, Direct and Multimedia Projector;

(f) Screen and white board;

(g) Training Video Tape;

(h) Compact Disc Training Video;

(i) Chairs and tables for training room only;

(j) Flip Chart Stand; and

(k) Mannequin (for First Aid & CPR Training)


For the setting up of the training room scheme, financial assistance granted does not include the construction of buildings, training centres or the purchase or renting of training rooms.Under the Employers Cicular No. 3/2009, the purchase of computer notebook(s) has been approved as an allowable item under the Purchase of Training Equipment and Setting Up of Training Room Scheme with the terms and conditions as stated below: -

i.  Employers must have training room(s) and full-time internal trainer(s) or training personnel;

ii.  Computer notebooks must be used by internal trainer(s) or training personnel;

iii.  There must be LCD projector(s) in companies’ premises;

iv.  Computer notebooks are not allowed to be loaned to other personnel for non training functions;

v.  Computer notebooks when not being used must be placed in the training room(s) or Human Resources Department. Computer notebooks are allowed to be taken out of the companies’ premises if there are training activities being carried out by the company;

vi.  The purchase of computer notebooks is allowed once in every two years; and

vii.  Employers who have lost their notebooks purchased under the HRDF are not allowed to apply again for replacement.

(vii) Computer-Based Training (CBT) Scheme

Employers who wish to purchase or develop computer-based training software including CD-ROM for the retraining and skills upgrading of their employees are eligible for financial assistance. For the purchase of software, a prior approval from PSMB is not required. However, prior approvals must be obtained if employers engaged consultants to develop specific training software. The rate of financial assistance will be based on the type of skills.

(viii) Information Technology and Computer-Aided Training Scheme (Purchase of Personal Computer)

To encourage training in Information Technology by employers, financial assistance will be provided to employers to set up computer training units within their premises as they faced difficulties in releasing their workers to attend training outside their premises. Under the scheme, employers can purchase several units of personal computers. Employers are eligible to receive financial assistance up to a maximum amount of RM25,000.00 once in every three (3) year.

For employers to receive this financial assistance, they must seek prior approval before making the purchases. The purchase of computers is solely for training and not to be used for office administration. The purchase of personal computers includes multi-media kits such as “CD-ROM Drives”, Speakers’ and ‘Sound Cards’, Notebooks and Laptops are not eligible for financial assistance under this scheme.