Outsourcing is an elastic concept that covers a lot of territory from sub-contracting of routine functions in search of greater cost-efficiency, to value creation through innovative, strategic partnership

We recognize factors inhibiting such partnership, enterprises being wary about allowing outside suppliers take responsibility for strategically vital aspects of their business.

The E/librium consulting view is that failures in many outsource relationships today can often be ascribed to simple relationship issues. In particular, to the need to spend time in order to develop trust as the key to unlocking potential value. It is not reasonable to ask any enterprise to make bind leap of faith in areas of activity that are critical to their long-term success.

Business leaders like to invest in success, hence, they need to see clear, measurable results. They want to see plainly where value is coming from and this must take a certain amount of time. Outsourcing, in other words is subject to the same rules of engagement as any other business relationship.


Desktop and System Migration

  • Your people may work in an office, on the road or at home. They may wish access to your server environment from desktop and portable PCs, palmtops and fixed and mobile phones. Desktop & Systems Migration is part of NetWorkPlace, a comprehensive range of services that addresses the complete ICT infrastructure life cycle of planning, deployment, management and maintenance.
  • Desktop & System Migration provides you with a Common Operating Environment, giving you strategic control of your infrastructure. At the same time, it enables your people to work effectively as individuals and in teams. Migration to a common desktop and systems environment also empowers employees with features like directory services, hot desking and mobile computing

Messaging and Collaboration

  • In today’s business environment, success requires a powerful infrastructure for creating, storing, and sharing information, as well as tools for acting on that information with speed and intelligence. Messaging and Collaboration is the center of your knowledge building block.

Managed Service Desk

  • In cases where businesses are looking to address technology spikes or develop capabilities outside of their internal IT organization, E/librium Consulting Consulting provides fully managed-outsourced infrastructure solutions.
  • At E/librium Consulting Consulting, we are committed to using a disciplined approach to project management. Our extensive experience in developing sophisticated technology solutions has led us to create a unique framework for managing complex infrastructure applications.   Our delivery concept is founded on the following ethics:
    1. We will provide the best people, processes, and tools to get the job done right.
    2. We will couple proven delivery practices with a team of dedicated professionals to ensure timely delivery through continuous releases and successful deployment.
    3. We will never compromise quality.
  • Our strategy is to combine our project experiences, management skills and technical expertise and to leverage the best practices from the following frameworks and methodologies and apply them to our Managed Outsourcing approach:

Asset Management

Why Asset Management ?
– Systematic Process of Maintaining, Upgrading, and Operating Physical Assets.

What is an Asset Management System?
-System Frame work  that Provides a Measure of Organizational Performance and Ties it to Internal Short – and Long – Range Planning
Provides Tools  for Organized, Logical Approach to Decisions

Purpose of Assest Management?
-Guides Development of Infrastructure assets towards optimal benefit at Minimal cost.
They are Trade-offs

  • How “Benefit” is Defined to Begin with
  • How much an Organization is able to spend

Organizational mission central to defining the benefits to be pursued
Desktop and System Management

  • E/Librium Consulting Desktop & Systems Management service can address both a thin client or PC desktop environment, supporting both fixed-location and mobile systems. We will normally manage your desktop and server environment from a central remote location, where all our back-up resources and expertise are concentrated for fast and cost-effective service. We leverage increasingly on the web capabilities of our offer.
  • Our wide-ranging Desktop & System Management services include three key components: server administration, desktop administration and desktop environment management.
  • The services go far beyond hardware: management of the environment spans generic business applications, along with functions such as file management and print queuing. We can administer databases, together with messaging and internet usage. We can manage user accounts and security policies.
  • E/Librium Consulting Desktop & System Management is an integral part of NetWorkPlace, the end-to-end suite of services covering the complete life cycle of your infrastructure.

Managed Help Desk

  • We offer feature-rich, easy to use help desk software for customer support, IT support, service management, and almost any problem and resolution tracking requirement.
  1. Log, assign and track all kinds of requests, issues, problems etc.
  2. Proactively help you manage your help desk with alerts and escalation.
  3. Record information about customers and equipment.
  4. Quickly show a complete record of events for a customer or asset.
  5. Keep track of support time and charges.
  6. Provide quick answers to problems using the knowledge base.


Multi Vendor Support

  • We can service any part of your ICT infrastructure – Faults in computer systems and networks can bring your business to a standstill. Fixing failures within agreed times and costs must be one of the priorities of successful ICT Management.
  • A global service with a single point of contact – E/Librium Consulting Multi-Vendor Support is a global service that provides on-site support services for computers, peripherals, networking and telecommunications equipment. We offer a single point of contact for your entire multi-vendor ICT environment. We have expertise in supplying and maintaining equipment from all major technology suppliers.
  • Support and monitoring facilities to suit your needs – When a site visit is required, we aim to resolve problems on the spot. If this is not possible, we can offer back-up systems. Our standard agreements cover the total repair time while our service levels can be set to suit your own thresholds of acceptable call-to-fix times. If your business needs optimum availability, we offer worldwide round-the-clock support and monitoring.
  • Your benefits
    1. Faster recovery
    2. Single point of contact
    3. Improve Productivity

Managed help-desk (remote or onsite)

Support in :-

  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
  • Unix/Solaris
  • Active Directory
  • Help Desk
  • Network/Exchange – Lan/Wan
  • Application
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Internet/Intranet


Deployment and Install/Maintain/Add and Change


  • Focus Areas
  1. Enterprise Resource Planning – SAP, Peoplesoft, BPCS, Baan, and Oracle Financials
  2. Consultancy on Functional level Project Management
    • Technical level
  3. ICT System integration and Database Consultation Services


  • Client /Server
    1. GUI – VB, VC++, Delphi, C++, Powerbuilder, Centura, Oracle’s Developer 2000
    2. Databases – Sybase, Informix, Ingress,Oracle and HP Vertica
    3. Database Administration
    4. Performance Tunning / Monitoring
    5. Project Management for Software Development Project from ISP to Implementation.
    6. Operating System’s Adminstration
    7. AIX, HP – UX, Solaris, OSF , X Windows, NT , Novell, Linux and etc
  • Intranet Solutions
    1. Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, JTA, JDBC, XML, J2SE,J2EE, J2ME,Transaction API, Java Mail, CORBA compliance
    2. Weblogic, IBM WebSphere and Infosphere Development environment, Netscape’s Enterprise Server, Oracle Application Server, ATG Dynamo Application Server, Tomcat, Apache, Jboss Application server
    3. IBM Visual Age, JBuilder, JDeveloper

Solutions – Focus on Cross Platform Products Only

  • Data Warehousing Solutions
  • Document Imaging & Management Solutions
  • Financial Services Solution
  • Human Resources Solution with Access Control & Time Attendance
  • EIS Solution
  • SMS & ASR Technology for Call Centre’s